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“Being crazy isn't enough.”-Dr.Seuss

i think this may be my new favorite post

this is one of those pictures that just sort of exists and nobody questions why

Why have the giants in ‘jack and the giant slayer’ got Belfast accents? Are they Irish giants?

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I have great company today! Lazy shite
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Claude Monet, Arm of the Seine near Giverny in the Fog (1897)

I should stop posting updates I’m sure they get annoying but they’re pushing me to finish the drawing so 💁

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Fíachra has been bugging me to put a tiara on Misha’s head all night! So… tiara! Working on Misha’s lips.. Wow they’re full! Also think he looks a tad like Matt Cohen here but that could be me just being delusional with a fever.  (Probably just me!)
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i don’t even know….
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Festival Goers, 1960s
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